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My Summer Associate Experience – Julia CampanellaOur 2023 Summer Associate Program brought 14 law students from eight law schools to the firm for an intellectually challenging and professionally gratifying experience. The students took part in firm-sponsored social events and community service projects throughout the summer in addition to attending client meetings, depositions, court hearings and other proceedings. Nearing the end of the program, the students agreed to share a few highlights from their summer at Shutts.

Julia A. Campanella joined the West Palm Beach office from the University of Miami School of Law, where she is a Dean’s Merit Scholarship recipient. Julia has received CALI Excellence for the Future Awards in both Property and Legal Communication & Research.

Here is what Julia had to say about her experience at Shutts.

Why did you choose to join Shutts for the summer?

After moving to Florida during high school, I knew that South Florida was going to be my home after attending college and law school. I learned about Shutts during my first year of law school and loved that the firm has such a strong Florida presence and positive reputation throughout the state. My expectations were exceeded after attending interviews at the West Palm Beach office – the welcoming culture and incredible team of talented attorneys made it apparent that I wanted to join Shutts for the Summer Associate Program.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a summer associate position on how to be successful?

My best advice for anyone looking for a summer associate position is to focus on your academics, as well as developing your interests and network. While application processes are usually wholistic and GPA isn’t everything, a strong resume will help you stand out in getting the position you want. Also, it’s always helpful to expand your network as a law student – learn as much as you can about what other attorneys do and where they work so that you can get a better idea of the type of work you want to do and the work environment you want to be part of.

Describe a typical day as a summer associate at Shutts.

Upon arriving, I would check my emails, respond to any outstanding emails, and make a list of the assignments that I have to work on that day. Throughout the day, I would work on assignments, starting with my highest priority. It's typical to have attorneys stop by to check in or reach out throughout the day to see if I had availability for a project. Shutts does a great job at setting up lunches and events for Summer Associates, so many days I would have an event to attend.

What were your expectations for the summer and have they been met (or exceeded)?

Coming into the summer program, I expected to develop my legal skills further and to get an opportunity to work on different projects that would help me determine my interests. The Shutts Summer Associate Program exceeded my expectations as I got to work on so many different projects, get to know most of the attorneys in the West Palm Office, plus attend so many fun and exciting events.

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