Ryan Reinert Discusses Recession Indicators with the Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Times

Ryan Reinert Discusses Recession Indicators with the Tampa Bay Times

Ryan Reinert, a partner in Shutts & Bowen LLP’s Tampa office, recently spoke with the Tampa Bay Times about the present financial indicators among businesses, which may point to signs of a recession in 2023.

Noting a dramatic growth in the number of lender referrals coming through the door, Ryan explained that this growth may point to a sign that businesses are struggling with their loans and looking for future financial restructuring.

“We are unique here in Florida, with a good economy for the most part, better than most economies throughout the United States, and probably in a unique position to shoulder the brunt of a downturn. But I still think we’re going to end up with those scenarios where lending doesn’t make as much sense as it used to. ... Some of the companies that ran and continue to run on cheap and free cash are going to be in trouble,” said Ryan.

The article further describes steps and advice from Tampa Bay advisors and business leaders to prepare for a potential recession in 2023 by boosting credit and building up an emergency fund.

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About Ryan C. Reinert

Ryan Reinert is a partner in Shutts & Bowen’s Tampa office, where he is a member of the Creditors’ Rights/Bankruptcy Practice Group. Ryan is a business bankruptcy practitioner board certified by the American Board of Certification, representing lenders, trustees and creditor committees in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. He has represented commercial and individual lenders in federal and state courts, including traditional, pooled, joint venture and CMBS loans. Ryan has also represented asset purchasers, landlords, trade creditors and contractors in business bankruptcy and liquidation cases. Ryan currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar Association, the non-profit organization that seeks to provide the information necessary for the practice of bankruptcy law in Tampa through publications, legal education and other events, often with the participation of the local bankruptcy judges.


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