My Winter Clerkship Experience: Xin Ai

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My Winter Clerkship Experience: Xin Ai

Our 2021 Winter Clerkship Program brought six law students for an intellectually challenging and professionally gratifying experience. The program normally takes places during the summer, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearing the end of the program, the students agreed to share a few highlights from their experience at Shutts.

Xin joined us from Washington University School of Law, where she is a member of the Women of Color Law Society and the China Law Society. Her previous experience includes an internship at the Bureau of Consumer Frauds & Protection for the New York State Office of the Attorney General.

Here is what Xin had to say about her clerkship at Shutts.

What did you do before coming to Shutts?

Before coming to law school, I went to Syracuse University and studied Philosophy and Political Science. I also went to Strasbourg in France for a summer to explore more about religious law and comparative law. After that, I worked at New York Attorney General’s Office as an intern for a half year and then got into Washington University School of Law. I spent my 1L summer at Missouri Commission on Human Rights and externed at Anheuser-Busch InBev’s global compliance group for a half year.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a summer clerkship and succeed in it?

I would recommend them to plan ahead in the job-hunting process, which is competitive and sometimes nerve-racking. Preparing everything ahead is a good strategy for this process, and you will feel more comfortable if you have a solid plan in hand.

What are your plans after the conclusion of the program?

I plan to enjoy my final semester in law school and take the Florida Bar exam afterward. I am looking forward to becoming a fully-licensed attorney in the near future.

What were your expectations and have they been met (or exceeded)?

I was a little bit worried when I started my clerk program because I was unsure how things would work out remotely. It turns out that everyone is so kind and willing to help. I really enjoyed the weekly meetings, which helped me touch base or address any concerns I had. The weekly meetings were also great substitutes for in-person interactions, and I really appreciate Shutts for making this program happen remotely in such a hard time.

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