Partners Eric Adams and Mark Rankin Discuss "Who's the Boss?" in a Qui Tam Action


According to partners Eric Adams and Mark Rankin, a recent Florida appellate court upheld a lower court's ruling that an Attorney General has the authority to dismiss a pending qui tam action even if they had previously declined to intervene.

Qui tam comes from a Latin phrase that translates to "who as well for the king as for himself sues in this matter." In this case of first impression, Zoltan Barati filed suit under the Florida False Claims Act (FCA), which the Attorney General later filed a voluntary dismissal of the action. The FCA allows an individual or the State to sue a person or company who files a false claim to the State for payment.

The case is an important development in recent case law as it establishes "significant power" to the Attorney General in dismissing qui tam actions. To read the full discussion on the case and the appellate court's rationale, download the case update here.

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