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Constitutional challenges present some of the most high-stakes and complex issues in the practice of law. With a deep understanding of constitutional law and a passion for upholding the principles that govern our society, the Shutts Constitutional Law Practice Section specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to a wide range of constitutional matters.

Our highly skilled attorneys have extensive experience in navigating the complexities of constitutional issues at every level of government. We offer tailored advice and representation to individuals, businesses, trade associations, and government agencies confronting constitutional challenges across various domains, including:

  • Governmental Powers and Separation of Powers: With experience at the highest level of all three branches of Florida state government, our team offers insightful guidance to individuals and organizations dealing with issues related to governmental powers, including separation of powers, federalism, and the limits of executive, legislative, and judicial authority. 
  • Constitutional Litigation: Shutts has a proven record of success in constitutional litigation. Whether it involves challenging the unconstitutional exercise of government power or defending constitutional principles against legal challenges, our team is adept at developing effective legal strategies and presenting persuasive arguments before courts at all levels.
  • Constitutional Issues in Business and Regulatory Matters: Our team assists businesses and organizations in navigating constitutional challenges arising from regulatory compliance, commercial disputes, and governmental actions, offering innovative solutions to safeguard their interests.
  • First Amendment Rights: We are well-versed in the protection of free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble peacefully. Our team is dedicated to safeguarding these fundamental liberties and defending clients who find themselves in conflicts related to these rights.

At Shutts, we believe that the structural protections of the written constitution provide the strongest bulwark for protecting liberty in our society. Our Constitutional Law Practice Section is committed to upholding these constitutional principles against challenges in any forum. With our expertise and dedication, we strive to provide the highest level of legal representation and guidance to all our clients.

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