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The attorneys at Shutts & Bowen possess a wealth of experience within the single-family rental industry. Since 2013, when the “SFR” industry was in its early states, we have helped owners, operators, financial services firms and builders navigate the myriad of legal challenges faced in the industry at any project phase - from acquisition to ongoing operations, all the way through disposition. Shutts attorneys are members of the National Rental Home Council (NRHC) and leaders of the Legal and Legislative Committee within the NRHC, as well as founding members of the Florida Chapter of the NRHC.

Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys encompass a broad range of practice areas, including real estate, leasing, construction, administrative law and licensing, labor and employment, environmental, land use and zoning, class action and litigation. From licensing and compliance matters to tenant issues and response to governmental investigations, our deep bench of knowledgeable attorneys are equipped to handle a wide range of SFR matters in a timely and efficient manner. Our legal experience in the single-family rental market includes, but is not limited to, matters related to:

  • Build-For-Rent:
    • Construction Contract Negotiation/Drafting
    • Land Use
    • Environmental
    • Warranty/Insurance Claims
    • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Fair Housing:
    • Evaluate Resident approval process/criteria
    • Representation related to HUD complaints
    • Section 8 compliance
    • Representation related to discrimination claims
  • Fraud Prevention/Cybersecurity
  • Resident Matters:
    • Lease Disputes
    • Habitability claims
    • Personal injury claims
    • Personal property claims
    • Mold claims
    • Security deposit claims
    • ADA issues (such as emotional support/assistance animals)
  • Leasing:
    • SFR Lease Forms
    • Commercial Office Leasing
  • Litigation:
    • Class Action
    • Resident Litigation related to Premises Liability and Personal Injury Claims
    • Title Litigation (Quite Title, Re-Foreclosure, Title Insurance)
    • Fair Housing
  • HOA/POA:
    • Evaluate HOA CC&Rs
    • Resident Approval/Access
    • HOA Litigation related to CC&Rs, maintenance issues, assessments, tenant issues, etc.
  • Licensing
  • Internal Policies/Procedures
  • Internal Audits/Assessments
  • Local Government Code Enforcement
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting

Our attorneys are equipped to handle issues at the state, local and national level, per jurisdiction requirements. As a firm, we have worked with local counsel on matters specifically related to the SFR industry in many jurisdictions. Additionally, we have worked with local counsel on related matters who also have specific SFR experience.

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