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Creative ideas don’t just manifest into tangible tools people can use without a lot of time and effort. Once someone makes a discovery, they must collaborate with others and work diligently to transform that innovative asset into a product or service. Our veteran attorneys help you protect your intellectual property, make the most of it, share it with the world, and profit from it. We understand and have experience in the complex but critical process that’s key to successful innovation – from patent, trademark, and copyright registrations and proceedings before the Patent & Trademark Office to the latest issues involving the use of the Internet and e-commerce.

We also litigate IP cases to protect what’s rightfully yours or defend you if your work is challenged. Our team of lawyers counsels clients in a wide range of IP disputes and litigation, including patent, trademark, and copyright litigation and related issues of unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets, non-competition agreements, defamation claims, and the seizure of counterfeit goods. We also counsel clients in Internet and computer licensing and related antitrust litigation, particularly antitrust litigation related to patents and copyrights.

One of the strengths of our group is the diverse background of our attorneys. We’ve had experience in accounting, engineering, business, and other areas that help us in our practice, and some of our lawyers were among the first to be designated by the Florida Bar as Board Certified in Business Litigation. Our practice is diverse too. We counsel clients in such intellectual property issues as patent, trademark and copyright licensing and royalties, non-disclosure agreements and computer software agreements, as well as antitrust concerns related to such agreements and licenses.

With our deep global experience and expertise, we prosecute and enforce worldwide patent and trademark rights for a number of U.S. and international corporations. For example, we maintain a worldwide portfolio of nearly 200 trademarks for one of our clients, a multi-million-dollar international company. Our attorneys have also developed, negotiated, and documented complex worldwide trademark, software, franchise, copyright, merchandise, and patent licensing programs.

Recognized for legal skills and client service by such prestigious groups as Chambers, Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America, we take pride in keeping current on IP issues. We stay abreast of constantly changing domestic and international regulations governing trademarks and advise clients of registered and pending trademarks which could constitute infringement.

We file copyright applications for literary and musical works, including the protection of website intellectual property as well as the protection of computer programs.

While we advise clients on how to avoid or resolve disputes and steer clear of litigation, we have trial lawyers skilled in obtaining results in the courtroom and don’t back down from litigation when necessary. We know how to present a powerful case before a judge and jury and get the best results for our clients in patent, trademark and copyright litigation. We represent clients in federal and state court and Patent & Trademark Office proceedings, in arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We regularly litigate complex trademark, unfair competition, patent, and copyright matters.

Clients regularly commend us for the thorough work we do, and they also appreciate that we deliver service efficiently, mindful of their tight legal budgets. To help with that, we have established an electronic account with the Patent & Trademark Office, which streamlines filing and registration procedures. Our legal assistants undertake the administrative responsibilities involved in the filing and registration process and are also able to perform computer searches that can provide cost-effective service to our clients. We also call on the network of effective international providers of local counsel that we’ve cultivated to help our clients with registrations in Europe in accordance with the Madrid Protocol, in many jurisdictions in Latin America, and in Asia.

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